What do you think of when you think of Fridays?  It use to mean the weekend for many and probably still does.  For many of us, though, Fridays do not have the same meaning.  The world has definitely evolved into 24 hour mess.  Why do I say mess?  Because you use to have to make sure all your shopping and errands were done during the week.  Now it means getting it done on the weekends.

Fridays were a time to wear casual and tidy up at work for Monday’s business.  It meant planning for the evening of fun with friends or make sure relatives were home so that you could take a leisurely drive on Sunday to visit.

We often think of Fridays as a closing of the week.  Having done our job we could feel good about enjoying a couple well deserved days off.  I think of Fridays as another day because my Friday is Wednesday!  Yes, it is nice having a couple days off during the week to go to the bank, post office, and vet.  These places are rarely open on the weekend.

Many people work weekends.  We are there to serve those that have weekends off.  I am not complaining, mind you.   My choice is to work some weekends.  It is why we have a mess.  We want everything available to us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Remember when you had to make sure you had enough milk in the house for the weekend?  Did you get all your errands done during the week so you didn’t have to take time off of work?  Did you use your lunch hour to go to the bank, post office, vet clinic, or grocery store?

The grocery store, if we were lucky, was open when you got off of work – if you were off by 5:30.   The bank’s drive through was open til 6 – on a Friday – if you needed their services.  What about the post office?  The vet probably doesn’t have office hours after noon on Friday.

All the things we take for granted when we want to have things at our disposal.  Forget your son or daughter’s birthday gift for a party?  You can stop at many stores and get what you need whenever you need it – before work, during lunch, after work, after supper, or in the middle of the night!  Don’t forget a gallon of milk!

I would love to see this country go back to the “good ol’ days” to take back our weekends!  Fridays may never be the same again.  I am not the same either.  I have the same things to do as you on the weekends.  I run my errands on my lunch hour, before work or yes, on the weekend when I have a day off.  I may have to go to the convenience store to grab a gallon of milk because I didn’t get it done during the week.

What do Fridays mean to you?  Bring on the weekend and I will see you when I am working!!


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