UGH!!  Today I had to Travel.  My first hour sucked!  The wind blew across the road and other drivers just don’t get how to drive safely.  I was a nervous wreck by the time I got to the rest stop to use the bathroom.  I just wanted to cry….well, I kind of had tears in my eyes when I called my husband.

Maybe I just was just mad because I have to Travel.  Maybe I was tired, frustrated, irritated, and upset.  I have to Travel.  We all do.  This all boils down to making a decision to move to a place that we can retire to.  I am there but my husband isn’t, yet.

When I called him, he reminded me of our goal.  Yes, stay positive, I know.  It will be worth it.  We aren’t doing this because we want to Travel back and forth to see each other.

Traveling should mean taking mini vacations, long weeks in the sun, and taking grandkids to a theme park.  I know many of my friends and relatives Travel to take care of their parents, grandparents and grandkids.  That is the best traveling.

I know when he Travels home, it is a way better trip.  Why?  Because he is coming home.  Coming home to spend time with me, the kids, grandkids, parents, and others that are here.  Don’t get me wrong, I get to spend time with him when I Travel to see him, but it’s different.  This is home.  He is Traveling home.

I Travel to my job, to get groceries and gas, to visit friends and relatives, to shop and so many other things.  I don’t mind driving, really.  It is a chance to think, dream, talk to myself, figure things out that have been troubling me, and best of all — jam to the music.

How do you like to Travel?  Just get in the car and go, with or without a destination?  I like having some kind of destination.  Traveling can get you where you want to go – it can also take you places that you thought didn’t exist.



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